• Hello there!

    I'm Raquel!

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    "Every school of thought and government has failed in this city — but I love it nonetheless. It belongs to me as much as it belongs to you."

    Disco Elysium... a game where you can find happiness in a 2 millimeter hole in the world.

    We live in a world quite different to that slice of Elysium, yet it is just as fascinating!

  • About Me

    Who am I?

    I'm a computer science student looking for something that'll keep me fascinated until the end of time. Something I can send my unstoppable train of thought chasing after, something to occupy my thoughts until I can think no more.

    In not so dramatic terms, I'm constantly looking for something to entertain myself (but how?)

    Maybe that means chasing different solutions to something that should've had a simple solution just because I knew that I could make it even better.

    Maybe that means hyperfixating on a project because I was convinced I knew exactly what I had to do and why.

    Does it always work out like that? I think you and I both know the answer to that... but it's still great fun!

    Maybe it even means burning precious time and energy on figuring out how to create a website from scratch, only to realize I'm trying to do a better job than the countless, incredibly talented front-end devs out there.

    It was still quite an interesting learning process! I've never seen so many beautiful website designs before, and my admiration for the talent that makes it happen is immeasurable.

    There's an endless amount of fascinating things in this wonderful world of ours!

  • Projects

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    There's more projects on the Github as well! (Page in progress)


    xv6 Modification


    Hayao Miyazaki Tribute Website

    Haunted House Exploration Game